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What Our Agents Are Saying

"Magnificent, Marvelous, and Inspiring Mentor are just a few of the words that I would use to describe Mrs. M. She is a woman of substance that leaves no agent behind! As she climbs the ladder of success which is demonstrated by her obtaining 2 Masters Degrees she also provides an opportunity for an increased level of success for her agents by providing the best training, tools, and resources available. A true example of quality leadership for all to emulate!"

Katrina Griggs

"I can honestly say it is a privilege to work in her office and have her as my Managing Broker. What she learns, she gives back to all her agents. I know what she has taught me through the last 4 years that I have been in her office, will carry me throughout my real estate career. She is my mentor, my business coach, and broker!"

Raquel Ricci

"Tanya helps us in the office to be professional, ethical, and high integrity, while reaching our goals and maintaining them. She knows her agents personally and shows sincerely how she cares about each one. The synergy in the office cannot be beat!"

Ann Palmateer


Tanya is committed to providing a “motivating & positive” environment for her agents to thrive. She believes that a successful career in real estate starts with having a solid business plan. In addition, her agents are trusted advisors, who are focus on helping buyers and sellers to make good decisions. Her office is also known as “Coastal Virginia-Community of Real Estate Excellence”.